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Retail Analytics

Where the physical world and the digital world are connected thanks to digital transformation

Kliente Stratégik is V-Count in Ecuador

We bring the best technology available on the market for monitoring physical spaces directly to your premises, offering a variety of solutions so that you can have online and real-time control of the behavior of your customers and visitors._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Kliente es V-count

Ultima AI: Accurate. All in one. plug & play

Ultima AI offers up to 99.9% accuracy with advanced capabilities and countless features. It combines all the solutions for two-way people counting, age and gender recognition, staff exclusion, queue measurement, heat map, group and zone counting and real-time occupancy in the thinnest people tracking sensor on the market.

Las sombras de las personas
Image by Timon Studler

Counting and analysis of traffic in real time and with a precision of up to 99.99%.

Analysis of WI-FI statistics such as residence times, capture rate, external flow. 

Wifi Traffic and Analysis

Las sombras de las personas

Valuable information on the behavior of your customers with analysis by areas, flows, residence times from the moment they enter your stores to increase sales.

Heat Map and Hot Zones

Las sombras de las personas

Minimize the time your customers spend waiting in line at checkouts to increase customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Queue Measurement

Las sombras de las personas
Happy business man with a group at the office.jpeg

Know the demographic profile of your potential and existing customers and provide exceptional personalized customer service according to the preferences of your visitors.

Demographics, Age and Gender

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